Labor Day tournament: Game 2

A1 was victorious this time: 5-3! 

It was a much slower game than our first game, which threw us off a bit
for the first period. Once we got more aggressive in the 2nd, though,
all was well. 

Our buddy Tirso, who works at the rink, played on the opposing team. I
hadn't played on the ice with him in over a year and, holy crap, has he
improved. I guess working at the rink and skating nearly every day will
do that! ;) 

Wendy and I shut him down a few times but he still scored
on us once. *shakes fist at sky* 

April came by and took pics of the game, because she rocks. 

I'll post
pics when I get them.
Next game is tomorrow at 12:30pm.
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