Spleens with Colleen vs Infrared: 3-0

Colleen and Dan now officially need to attend all of my hockey games for the rest of time, because I got two goals last night. 🙂


My first goal was a real beauty, too — Kim passed me the puck right in front of the net and I got a wonderful roof shot right over the goalie’s left shoulder. I probably couldn’t repeat that shot if I tried forever. 😉

The second goal was more “normal” but was still awesome, thanks to a great pass from Andrea at the blue line. I took the shot from about 10 feet inside the zone and somehow made it past all the D and right into the net, again on the goalie’s left side.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember who the goalie was last night, so that I can always shoot to her left side in the future…I’m pretty sure Kim’s great breakaway goal was also to the goalie’s left.

I had some great dekes last night too, which I’m even more thrilled about than the goals. My goals are still somewhat flukes; my shot is improving but it’s nowhere near consistent. The puck-handling, though, is something I’m actively working on and I can see improvement with every game. I’m able to get around pretty much anyone once, and am starting to consistently be able to get around 2 or even 3 opponents before losing the puck.

I need to focus on keeping my head/eyes up while doing that, though — I did notice last night that when things got challenging (literally!), I was starting to stare down at the puck while trying to evade. Gotta keep my eyes up to find the pass in those situations. It’ll come.

I’m able to mostly keep up with Nora these days, which is a testament to Cardio Coach. 🙂 I think her inseam is pretty much my entire height. 😀 I love playing center against Nora; she always says hi and jokes with me at the faceoffs. She wins every one, though, curses! *shakes fist at sky*

After the game, a bunch of us went to Wing Stop for, well, wings.
I’m not a huge wings fan, but their Cajun chicken strips were really good, especially with a Pyramid Hefeweizen.

I stayed up way too late (past midnight!) and am now a walking zombie.

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