Impending Colleen!

Colleen has the best excuse ever for not being on IM today for me to harass her…she’s on her way south!

She should be arriving in the Bay Area this evening and, along with our (local) friend Dan, will be coming to my hockey game tonight.


Tomorrow, Dan and Colleen will be doing my favorite New Idria loop. Then, Peter and I will ride north with them to the B&B&B&B in Eureka on Sunday.

I’m so excited. Sunday and Monday’s weather forecasts are looking good and we’ve got a few new road ideas to check out. Plus, it’ll be a nice dry run of my new luggage setup for my summer trip.

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3 Responses to Impending Colleen!

  1. That rocks. 🙂
    New Idria…well, not sure if I ever told you this, but my family is from the original Idrija which, far from being in Austria as the sign states, is in Slovenia. 🙂

  2. Doug Faunt says:

    Do you know what Idrijia (in Slovenia) is like now?
    I’ll be riding in that part of the world in June.

  3. Not too sure what you mean by “is like”, but the weather will be *great* in June. You might hit a thunderstorm, but those are fun to watch.
    I can recommend lots of places for you to go. Drop me a line via my blog and I’d be happy to help. You really have to do the mountain pass Vrsic. It has 25 hairpins up and 25 down. 😉

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