Hooray for Are Too!

Just saw the stats for last season’s NCWHL team, “Are Too!”:

We were division winners!

Games Played: 15
Points: 21
Wins: 10
Losses: 5
Ties: 1
OTL: 0
Goals For: 26
Goals Against: 18
Shots on Goal: 350


Next season should start next week. Hooray!

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4 Responses to Hooray for Are Too!

  1. tony says:

    Wow, congrats, nice stats! As a goalie I’m particularly impressed by that save percentage. 😉

  2. Kim says:

    Andrea is adorable in that picture.

  3. cheddah j says:

    waaaaah, i’ll have to photoshop myself into the picture!
    woohoo Are Too!

  4. Alan R. says:

    I say “Hooray from Arr”, too.

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