3″ PVC Tool Tube for the F650GS

I finally got off my behind and made up a PVC tool tube for my F650GS. I have these on both of my XT225s and love them.

Here’s the write up for the XT225— the only difference with the F650GS was that I drilled two small holes in the skid plate to mount the angle bracket. I also installed two screw caps instead of a screw cap and a plug cap, so that I can open the tool tube from either end.

There are no problems with clearance with the front tire (stock size Tourance).

Sorry for the weird lighting effects; this picture was way backlit.

In the tool tube, I keep:

* 5-14 mm sockets
* 1/4″ socket wrench
* Extension for the 1/4″ drive sockets
* Folding hex keys
* Folding torx keys
* 13-in-1 ratcheting screwdriver
* Small vice grip
* Cable ties
* Roll of electrical tape
* Roll of Rescue Tape
* 1 pair of vinyl gloves

I’ll also be putting 3 tire irons in once they arrive in the mail (my extra ones went to Seattle with the white XT225).

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6 Responses to 3″ PVC Tool Tube for the F650GS

  1. Mateusz says:

    Where did you get BLACK pvc pipe? I cannot find it anywhere.

  2. Beth says:

    What a simple yet great idea. I will be making these up for my quads. That will keep the tools out of the quad packs because once they get used they of course are never clean when they get put back into the packs. That will just save a bit more room also. Thank you for sharing!

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