Aww yeah.

Ladies and gents, I present a very crappy screenshot of the 2008 Ninja 650R from Kawasaki’s *#&*@$ flash-only website:

Peter’s disappointed that they didn’t bring the red frame back, but I think it’s perfect. I am très pleased. Now to just wait until they appear in dealerships.

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3 Responses to Aww yeah.

  1. Steve Miller says:

    You compared the bike to the Z750S. Just curious: How does it compare to your SVS? I’m sure the riding position is more comfortable, but handling, power, smoothness, etc.?
    You know what would look good? A red Ninja 650 with an orange seat!

  2. Mat Hyder says:

    I was wondering what you thought about the GSx650F by Suzuki? Do you think it compares to the Ninja 650R? Why or why not? (Maybe I just like blue)

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