R4 vs R3: 2-6

The game was WAY more fun than the score implies. The other team got a couple of really lucky shots, a couple of really good shots, and our goalie had a couple of oopsies. So, y’know, no big deal.

Even though I’m still mad at Joanne for trying out for Maroon and making it (she’s so much fun to play D with), our team is awesome this season and our first game had a lot of laughing and cheering.

I’m going to learn to play center this season, which will be entertaining for all. 😉 Last night, I played D since we were short a couple of people from injury/illness. I had one short shift on right wing which was exhilarating and convinced me that I’m doing the right thing by playing up this season.

Peter also did a kickass job in his first game as our official coach! Yay sweetie!

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