Kwalatee BMW workmanship

Brakes; who needs ’em?

Apparently not me.

I swapped my front levers out for Wunderlich adjustable levers (much better for those of us with shrimpy hands) and immediately noticed that my front brakes were fux0red.

Turns out that the simple act of removing the old brake lever (ONE BOLT!) pulled the master cylinder plunger pin out of the rubber boot that it lives in, thusly:

“Oh poot,” said I, and threaded the spring back into the boot as best I could.

That done, I figured I’d bleed the brakes in case air got into the line. And that’s when I noticed the tumor.


So the Beemer is once again relegated to “back bike status” (i.e. the bike that’s parked in by other bikes) until I can get a replacement front brake line for it. Here’s hoping Road Rider or Cal have the right size stainless steel line in stock.

Take my money awaaaayyyyy!

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