TechShop + bike = happy

When I bought the F650GS used, it came with bar risers. Unfortunately, they were already a little too tall for me while I had the normal seat; with the lowered seat, I felt a bit as though the Beemer had ape hangers.

Fortunately, Peter and I have memberships at TechShop in Menlo Park and have taken their Safety and Basic Usage class for the milling machine.

Pardon the crappy pictures; they were taken with a cell phone camera.

The bar risers before:

Setting up the mill to take off a quarter inch:

Milling the bar riser:

One down, one to go:

I installed the shorter risers on the Beemer yesterday morning before my Wind Dancers ride, and I believe the experiment was a success. Even taking off just a quarter inch made my wrists more comfortable. I might take off another quarter inch in the future, but for now, this works.

Hooray for TechShop!

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