Hooray, I have Beemer again!

So, while diagnosing the intake manifold problem, I discovered that my throttle cable was frayed. Apparently this is a common problem with the F650GS as Die Korporation picked a stupid, sharp-angled, way to route the cable under the airbox.

Anyway, I bought a new throttle cable at Cal BMW when I picked up the new intake manifold.

Unfortunately, Die Korp, in its infinite wisdom, produced two lengths of throttle cables for the F650GS, depending on year, and naturally I wound up with the wrong length. This, of course, begs the question of why the parts guy didn’t look up my model year on the schematic, but I digress.

Hint: with a throttle cable installed and the throttle closed, you don’t want your throttle body to look like this:

At least I figured it out with a very minimum amount of head-scratching as to why the bike was suddenly idling at 4000 RPM.

So yesterday I went back to Cal and got a new, correct, throttle cable. Funny how much better that works!

It only took almost three weeks, but I finally have the Beemer happy again. Yay!

Unfortunately, three weeks of riding the XTs have spoiled me with their perfect-for-short-arms posture and my hands are killing me today.

I think the root cause might be that the bar risers on the F650GS may be about 1/2″ too tall for my shrimpy arms. I may bring the bar risers into TechShop over the weekend and use the mill to take a little off the top, as it were.

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4 Responses to Hooray, I have Beemer again!

  1. Scott says:

    My personal road to discovery has led me to realize why people tend to own multiple bikes. It seems as though anything involving parts requires multiple days if not weeks of commitment and downtime. Local dealer or internet parts house, there’s always some error or delay.
    Two years into this and I can’t recall a single item either shipping within a time frame close to what was claimed, or the part being right the first time.

  2. Darren says:

    The first cable they sent me was a speedometer cable.They shipped the wrong cable with the right part number.The second cable is too short.At this point I was starting to loose my temper.Which doesn`t happen very often, but it was time to get tough. Now after reading your article I am glad I did.And its nice to know I am not cracking up.So I was a jerk for a good reason since I was right on my hutch, and not just a bad mechanic.Hopefully I didn`t make too many enemies.I am a nice guy otherwise.The manager told me it was stretched.I told him it was not.yet frayed to the last strand of metal.I noticed it when I pulled off the oil tank for the oil change.picking it up in couple minutes hopefully it will be right lenght this time.from Darren

  3. Darren says:

    Nope wrong size again. And try telling that to a parts guy who knows everything,good luck. I got a phone call a little bit ago and the young man did some research and it turns out I need the double disc cable. Or so he thinks. My hypothesis is there was a third cable. My original cable seems to have been discontinued. It has been replaced with two diferent ones.And the ding dongs at the cycle shop don`t know anything.So the 2 wrong ones are being sent back. And he is ordering the double disc cable for my 2002 bmwf650gs.Hope noone else will have to go through what I went through but it seems iminent. So sit back, make some popcorn,its going to be awhile.from,Darren

  4. carolyn says:

    Aww man, Darren, that sucks! I hope that gets resolved for you soon. 🙁 🙁

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