Are Too! vs Pucker Up: 3-1

Wow, it’s been a while since I made a hockey post. Obviously I took six weeks off for our honeymoon and then my first couple of games back were pretty pathetic. Wake up, lungs!

Last night’s game was really super kickass fun, though. Everyone was in a good mood and was skating well. Our amazingly handsome and brilliant coach (Peter) has been encouraging us to take an extra step with the puck before just thwapping it away and, go figure, that’s been really helping.

I only have one picture of myself from last night, but it’s a pretty good one (I’m in white):

I’ve also gone down to just playing the one league, NCWHL. I liked playing at Ice Oasis, but the Saturday afternoon games were just getting in the way of my motorcycle rides. I also find that I have a lot more fun just playing once a week.

Next Tuesday is our last Are Too! game. 🙁 I’m excited for the new season, though, and am looking forward to meeting new people.

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