Genia’s Mt Tamalpais Ride

I had a wonderful ride yesterday with a few of the Wind Dancers. Genia led four of us (me, Jenny, Kathleen, and Sandy) on a great ride up and down Mt Tamalpais and then north to Occidental.

I’d never been up Mt Tam before — I know, I know, sacrilege! — and I enjoyed it a lot. The road was pretty gravelly just before the peak but other than that, it was smooth and surprisingly low-trafficked.

It was a pretty foggy day, so the views were a little diminished, but I still thought it was cool to look down on the fog:

We rode some old favorites of mine, like Nicasio Valley, Hicks Valley, Chileno Valley…obviously we were in hills country.

One favorite thing about riding with a small group of women riders: lots of food! We had lunch at a roadside burger joint in Fairfax, a snack break at the Tomales Bakery in Tomales, and ice cream at the Union Hotel in Occidental. Yum yum!

It was a simply awesome ride, relaxing and fun, with great scenery and great friends. All told, the ride was about 260 miles and I was gone for 13 hours…a perfect day.

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