Shorter stick good!

I had East West take about 3/4″ off my stick this afternoon and, HOLY CRAP, what a difference.

In the warmup before my game, I was shooting on Robbie (our goalie) and got the world’s most gorgeous top shelf goal right over his left shoulder.

In the game, I called for the puck when I was open at point and got a great shot off on Ben who had the audacity to block it and not give me my first point in the past two seasons. 😉

Then in skills practice after the game, I had a great shot in the scrimmage which was similarly foiled by the goalie….but still, great shot.

Wow, there might be something to this “stick geometry” thing after all. I approve!

Despite Teresa’s best efforts to get me to forget about my plus-minus, I am now -5 for the season. Though do I count empty net goals? One goal tonight was empty net and I was nowhere near it. So maybe that doesn’t count. *scratches head*

But anyway, 6 goals scored against our Ice Oasis team and I’m at -5. Hrm. Poot!

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