Medford, OR

I wonder if I’ve managed to give myself some sort of motorcycle-induced
frostbite over the years. The 10-mile ride from Ashland to Medford left
me pretty much unable to use my hands, and it’s not *that* cold out (25F
in Ashland). Hrm. Maybe I’ll get a pair of those TourMaster Winter
Elite gloves with the wind breaker barrier.

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4 Responses to Medford, OR

  1. Ken Haylock says:

    Heated grips are your friend. Seriously.

  2. bubba zanetti says:

    You are confirming mus suspicions that I need to delay picking up the DR till later in April. Sent you a PM on ST.N
    Enjoying your blog and pics … thanks

  3. Stephanie says:

    I’m telling ya… Gerbing heated gloves. Grips are nice, but the Gerbings also provide heat to the BACK of your hand.
    But you know you live for those stops to warm your hands on the engine. 😉

  4. Dr. Lost says:

    Tourmaster Winter Elite glove RULE. I have a paid for riding here in Michigan in the off season when the roads aren’t covered with snow. They work great!
    Thanks for shareing your trip with us.

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