Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday
This was my first time really wrenching on the F650GS and, overall, I’m
pleased. I did the oil change and the requisite checking of brakes,
clutch play, bearings etc. I also did a valve check, which was easy
once I got ten tons of crap out of the way, and fortunately everything
was in spec.

I always really enjoy the first tune up on a new (to me) bike. It makes
me happy to really get in there and get dirty and learn what goes where
and what makes that bike tick. I’m so much more confident about
long/solo rides when I feel like I really know the bike inside and out.

So, other than a mysteriously dead battery (the original reason for
doing the tune up yesterday in particular), the bike’s back together.

It needs new tires, too, which I wish I didn’t have to budget in right
now since I’m posting this from the Goodyear tire shop while waiting for
new tires to be put on my car. I just bought tires for the XT too….I
hope I’m ingratiating myself sufficiently to the tire goods. Yeesh.

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3 Responses to Happy Sunday

  1. Steve Miller says:

    Question: Do you like this bike (the F650) better than the SVS and the Z750S? I ask because you seem to. Is it more than just being able to tackle a gravel road, is it comfort, riding position, suspension travel, what? I’m thinking about going the “adventure” bike route for my next purchase, mostly because it seems like everyone who does that just plain has more fun. If you were going on multi-month tour of North America (including a fair bit of camping) and could pick from every bike you’ve ever ridden, what would you take?

  2. carolyn says:

    I’d take the F650GS no questions asked.
    This is something I’ve actually been thinking about lately, so I’ll make a separate journal post about it, but the short answer is two fold.
    1) The bike fits me really well (physically) so far; the ergonomics seem to be friendly to my messed up arms and shoulder.
    2) The concept of the bike just sings to me — the whole ability to ride whenever, wherever, on whatever roads. Whenever I ride it, I think “I can do whatever I want to on this bike”. That makes me smile.

  3. Steve Miller says:

    A motorcycle salesman of all people got me thinking about this. I was kicking tires, looking at the Ducati ST3 and the Triumph Sprint ST. He practically begged me, “just sit on the Multistrada.” So I did, and to my amazement I could get the balls of my feet down on both sides… not as tall as I thought. The next impressions was, wow, it was the most comfortable seat/bar placement I’d ever experienced. The dealership’s about an hour away, but when I get time I’ll have to go back and take a test ride. But now if I’m considering that bike, I need to check out the even more hideously ugly V-Strom, BMW adventure offerings (probably the F650, since I know for a fact I’m too short for the big GS), etc.

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