Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday
This was my first time really wrenching on the F650GS and, overall, I’m
pleased. I did the oil change and the requisite checking of brakes,
clutch play, bearings etc. I also did a valve check, which was easy
once I got ten tons of crap out of the way, and fortunately everything
was in spec.

I always really enjoy the first tune up on a new (to me) bike. It makes
me happy to really get in there and get dirty and learn what goes where
and what makes that bike tick. I’m so much more confident about
long/solo rides when I feel like I really know the bike inside and out.

So, other than a mysteriously dead battery (the original reason for
doing the tune up yesterday in particular), the bike’s back together.

It needs new tires, too, which I wish I didn’t have to budget in right
now since I’m posting this from the Goodyear tire shop while waiting for
new tires to be put on my car. I just bought tires for the XT too….I
hope I’m ingratiating myself sufficiently to the tire goods. Yeesh.

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