Pwning the PWN.

All right, so that wasn’t a very funny joke.

I’m flying to Seattle for work on Friday, 1/19 and figured, what better excuse to spend a weekend with Colleen in the Pacific Northwest??

So, instead of flying back to the Bay Area with my coworkers on Friday night, I’ll be staying at Colleen’s house and hopefully getting together with some other local STNers.

Right now, the first order of business is to find myself a loaner bike for Saturday, 1/20. Colleen promised/threatened to take me dirt riding — she’s thinking this route — but first I need a bike. Her KLR is too big for me…another STNer also kindly volunteered his KLR, but seriously, I think I’d need it lowered 3″ just to touch a toe down. I have a post up on to see if anyone on that board is in Seattle and would loan me an XT for the day…fingers crossed.

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