Val’s Spiny Dogfish vs 5 Alarm Chilis: 4-1

Great game tonight at Belmont. For a change, Lake Belmont actually wasn’t — apparently all we need to keep the ice frozen is colder-than-normal temperatures (supposed to get down into the 20s tonight). It was actually a pleasure to play at Belmont without having to look out for puddles.

I had a really fun game playing D with Andrea, who managed to restrain herself to only one hooking penalty tonight. Go Andrea! 😉

Given that I’d been fighting that damn cold all weekend, I played well, and managed to mostly stay in position. A couple of their forwards gave me trouble (Heather McJedi, I’m looking at you!) but in general, we kept the puck out of the net, which is what counts.

I skated to the puck a lot more than I usually do tonight too; I think my brain finally clued in to look up at the charging opponent instead of staring down at the puck. That way, even if the other gal makes it to the puck before me, I can read her body language and get in her shit fast enough to make her lose the puck. At least, that’s the theory.

I’m liking D. It’s very cerebral. I’m having much more fun, even if I’m not scoring at all.

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