Val’s Spiny Dogfish vs 5 Alarm Chilis: 2-1

Val’s Spiny Dogfish played an awesome game against the 5 Alarm Chilis tonight at Lake Belmont.

Our D was fantastic as usual — I’m really enjoying watching the D lines and picking up tricks. The upside to watching so many games. 🙂

I took a couple of hiptop photos tonight, though the lighting at Belmont is not very condusive to our optics.

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2 Responses to Val’s Spiny Dogfish vs 5 Alarm Chilis: 2-1

  1. andrea says:

    yes, the sidekick optics are horrible, they put 200 lbs on me! =P

  2. carolyn says:

    I’m sure that has nothing to do with the hockey pads. 😉

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