Little things

Did a couple of weenie little things on the Z today…

First thing was to remove the front reflectors. For some reason, they really stood out much more than the ones on the SVS did — probably because orange on red is less obnoxious than orange on blue. A pair of 20mm (length) bolts with a 1.0 pitch from the hardware store took care of that. A tiny thing, but I think the front fender looks a lot nicer now.

Z_reflector Z_no_reflector

Second thing was to add more vibration dampening to the dashboard. I bought some pipe insulation at the hardware store as well (6 feet for a buck — a little overkill since I needed about 6 inches) and cut it up to place over the edges of the little plastic pieces surrounding the speedometer.


So, little things….but they made me happy. 🙂

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