Sphinges vs Pharoahs: 6-2

I haven’t done a hockey post in a while, whoops. Last week’s Sphinges game was barely worth mentioning as I was sick as anything during it. I had some sort of massive allergy attack and was so out of it that I actually fell asleep on the bench. So, as you can imagine, I not only have no stellar plays of mine to report but I don’t actually remember anything about the game at all. I had an NCWHL game on Sunday, but after that dismal showing Saturday night, I bowed out of the Sunday game.

So that brings us to this week.

Peter and I subbed in the middle game, for the Desert Tribe (blue team) and against the Desert Rats (yellow team). I was a little bummed, since I know a lot of the Rats, but the game was still fun. We actually had a full bench, so we did normal lines instead of the pickup style changing that usually happens at Ice Oasis. I played left D for the game, which is rapidly becoming my favorite position, if for no other reason than that I play it a lot so I actually kinda know what I’m doing. πŸ˜‰

The Rats were a far better team…or, at least, the right wing that I was up against was a much better player than I am. πŸ˜€ I felt like they scored every time I was on the ice. Eventually I realized that was because our center wasn’t always covering their center, so I was trying to cover both the right wing and the center simultaneously, which didn’t work at all. Once I focused on just covering the right wing, I did a lot better.

The Sphinges had the 9:30pm game against the Pharoahs, which was also my first game with Woody! Woody is an amazingly disturbingly realistic mannequin in goalie gear that’s propped up in the goal if we’re short an actual human goalie. Woody is also a tough goalie because he has structural framework blocking his 5-hole. πŸ˜‰

I played a few different positions for the Sphinges last night, but seemed to gravitate towards that left D position, probably because it was already in my mindset from the previous game. I did pretty well, though the Pharoah’s center is really fast and would squirt around me like I was standing still…which, actually, I probably was. πŸ˜‰

I tried to focus on keeping my feet moving and on puck handling during the game, and I got a little bit better at both. Once I even (completely accidentally) deked around someone when I had the puck!!

I really need to work on my puck handling. My skating is good (mostly), but the puck handling? Not so much. Especially when the ice is a little wet, like it is now with our huge ass heat wave, I just can’t seem to understand the physics of where the puck is going versus where it is now, or how to hit it at the right angle off the boards. I have the same problem at pool, but at least then I can drink beer while I’m playing. πŸ˜‰

The highlight of last night’s game was that Kim scored against Woody!! WOOOHOOO!!! Not only her first goal at Ice Oasis, but against the league’s toughest plywood-in-the-5-hole goalie! Hooray!!

I have an NCWHL game at 2:30pm today, hopefully I’ll remember some of my mad accidental dekeing skillz from last night. πŸ˜‰

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