Femmoto plane tix bought!

Yay, I’m going to Femmoto!

There aren’t any new manufacturers this year, which is a bit of a bummer, but they are holding an MSF dirt class. So I’m flying into Vegas on Friday night, doing the dirt class on Saturday morning, and attending the banquet Saturday night. I fly back on Sunday afternoon.

A short weekend, sadly, but it’s what I can afford time- and vacation-wise.

Now if only ST.N’s servers were up so I could post this update to the Femmoto thread…Yosh and Kristina and I need to get a hotel room (Becca, are you going this year?)!

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  1. SiloCoDawg says:

    hey I’m basically a newbie in the motorcycle planet and when I researched bay area motorcycle roads I came into your site, haha. Just want to say that you have been very inspirational with all your adventures-I have gone back a couple of years to read your adventures! I have actually bookmarked your site “bluepoof” to continue gaining knowledge from you, hehe, …just a fan of you..::wink:: have fun in Vegas!–Rick

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