Hello, adductors

I don’t know when it’ll stop being A Huge Issue to weightlift the day before hockey, but I hope it’s soon, because I’m really over the novelty of skating around for an hour on exhausted adductors.

Last night’s workout included 45 dumbbell squats (wide-stance, hence, adductors) in addition to 20 rotational lunges (well, and a ton of other stuff that wasn’t leg-related). It was supposed to be 45 lunges, but that was laughable.

So we’ll see how tonight’s 9:15pm practice goes. I haven’t been on the ice at all in 2.5 weeks at all; chances are good that it’ll be a comedy of errors. I’ve spent a lot of that time reading Laura Stamm’s Power Skating, though, and contemplating various things I could improve, so maybe the time off will prove effective. Here’s hoping.

Sunday, we play G1 again (Kim’s team). We lost our first match against them 0-2, but we had 29 shots on goal, so maybe this weekend one’ll go in. 😉

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