Go Sphinx(e)s!

So, because I have too much free time, I’ve joined another hockey league. I’m now a proud jersey-wearing member of the cringingly misspelled “Sphinxs” at Ice Oasis. The team names are all desert themed, and in some ways, I suppose it’s karmic retribution for my grammar nazi ways that for an hour a week, I blatantly display this orthographic sin.

I really thought about yelling “GO SPHINGES” (sphin-JEEZ) tonight, but thought that might be a bit pretentious for my first game on the team. Maybe next time.

ANYWAY, now that I have that out of my system, the game itself was really fun.

I was a little nervous about playing on the same team as both Kim and Peter, but it wound up working out pretty well. We started out the game 4 on 4, which was confusing for me as all of my NCWHL games have been 5 on 5, but I picked the positioning up eventually. We switched to 5 on 5 partway through the 2nd period after a couple of other players showed up, which was way more comfortable for me.

I played a little bit of every position (other than goal) — I definitely need to work on my defensive abilities a bit. Playing wing is getting a little more intuitive for me after a couple of NCWHL games, but I’ve never played D before.

We ended up winning 4-3 (though I can’t cheer too loudly since my good friend Ben was in the other team’s goal…). I don’t think I had any shots on goal, but I was in decent position and made some good passes. Also, only offsides twice. 😉

I think the coolest thing about tonight’s game was playing with some of the same guys that were at my first scrimmage at skills class a couple of months ago. I was really intimidated then; I had no idea what I was doing and everyone seemed huge and tall and fast and amazingly good. Tonight, they were still huge and tall and fast and good…but I could almost keep up, and they were cheering me on. I think it’s going to be a really fun season.

Even if our team name is spelled wrong.

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