All gear acquired!

Andrea took me out shopping today. 🙂 We bought the last remaining things needed for Fun On Ice.

Like a good gear whore, here’s what I now have for hockey:

Bag: CCM 852 Tacks

Stick: Mission M1 Jr. Gaborik 50L

Skates: Bauer Vapor SFL V (Size 4)

Helmet: ITech HC100 (S) — mine has a cage, though

Gloves: Mission L3 (11″)

Shoulder pads: ITech Lite SPW55 (S)

Elbow pads: Mission 04 M1 (Jr. L)

Shin pads: Don’t remember offhand…will update later (Jr L)

Pants: Mission, but I don’t remember the style offhand…will update later (Youth XL)


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