So, yeah, I’m still alive, despite all blog-related evidence to the contrary.

I haven’t been riding. In fact, the last time I sat on a bike was…*checks calendar*…November 19. I’m not particularly injured, the weather’s fine…I’m just not riding. I’ve been distracted.

The short answer is that There Is A Lot Going On, which is a laughable oversimplification of the situation. My mind is occupied 100% of the time, with the details of at least three major life-impacting events, and I just haven’t wanted to get on a motorcycle in that state. Usually, I ride to clear my head, but there’s no head-clearing to be had in the immediate future, and I’m not going to commute in rush hour in 35F weather while my mind is many many miles away from the cellphone-chatting soccer moms in SUVs trying to kill me.

For a welcome change, my job is one of the things currently holding me together. My fellow control freaks, I highly recommend getting a job in project management. I may not be able to influence anything actually important in my life, but by god, I can schedule a bug fix into a service release. And some days, that’s really something.

My bad for being That Cryptic Person On The Internet. I’ll talk about things as I can and want to discuss them (and I promise, not all of it is bad), but in the meantime, it appears that I’m taking a brief hiatus from riding. Just didn’t want all three of my readers to think I disappeared on you.

Oh, and don’t worry, I’ll still bring my annual bike show report after Dec 17 (dayyyum, it’s late this year for us!). There are at least two bikes I really want to sit on. 😉 As always, I’ll be the short girl with blue hair dragging around an overwhelmed-looking tall guy with a ponytail. 🙂

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