Bike updates.

Let’s see…nothing major is going on in the land of the two wheels lately, so I’ll regale you with fascinating tales of the minor updates.

sv650s updates..
The SVS, as we know, is again the daily commuter. I’m starting to keep track of gas mileage (so I don’t feel so badly about spending OVER TEN DOLLARS to fill the tank) and it’s doing pretty well at just about 40 mpg. Not too bad for rush hour commuting.

I thought I’d forever lost the rain covers for my soft luggage, but no! It turns out that I’d just organized them away from myself, as I found both brand-new covers happily tucked into a pocket of one of the bags. That makes me quite happy about my commute during the impending rainy season.

Ever since doing the evil valve adjustment, the SVS has been noisier — this is pretty normal, and I’m not too concerned. The strange thing, though, is that it’s a ton more vibratory…but it goes away when I press the rear brake. This confuses me. More vibratory, I get — but why the hell would pressing the brake pedal make a difference? *scratches head*

xt225 updates.
The XT continues to plug along fearlessly in its new role as “Carolyn’s new way to really hurt herself”. I haven’t ridden it since the Pacific Rally (Peter and I were going to go dirt riding last weekend but ran out of time) so it sits in the garage in all its dusty glory. I wonder how long I can go without washing it before it starts to gum itself up. It just looks so pretty all grimy. I need to lube the chain, though. Whoops.

superhawk updates.
Peter managed to break a footpeg on the Superhawk a while ago (not terribly surprisingly, really — I replaced them with Buell Firebolt footpegs and the washers weren’t really the right size), so I need to fix that. The whole bike needs a service, actually, so maybe I’ll do that this weekend.

vfr updates.
Dora also needs a maintenance service; oil change, fluid change, etc. Neither of us has ridden her in a few weeks, which needs to be remedied.

So that’s what’s going on here. Next weekend is the Femmoto track day in Las Vegas, so rest assured that eventually, I’ll have interesting content yet again. 😉

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