Sake updates

I’ve had most of a 10oz bottle of sake tonight, so let’s see what my brain thinks is a useful and relevent update.

There’s a new man in my life: Ray the Sadist. Sadly, this isn’t an exciting San Francisco leather club relationship; Ray is, instead, my new physical therapist. My chiropractor and I both came to the conclusion that my shoulder wasn’t getting any better on its own and, more importantly to me, was starting to hurt regularly while riding. So, off to Campbell Physical Therapy I went, and will continue to go, for the next 8 weeks.

I miss riding the Serow. I’m going to try to take it out sometime this week — probably not a big trailered excursion, but at least a jaunt up Mt Madonna or something.

I know I still need to do a journal entry about my Dora riding impressions (I’m looking at you here, Karl. My bad.). I’ve actually been riding the VFR almost exclusively since returning to California, which I probably shouldn’t do since it isn’t registered yet. Peter tried to register it while I was gone, but ran into a slight problem locating the engine number. I finally found it and now need to bring Dora *back* to the DMV for vehicle inspection. Whee.

The SVS needs a service. I feel like I’ve spent my entire summer either doing services or needing to do services on the bike. Not surprising, I guess, given the summer mileage. It goes in to Hare Racing on Wednesday for new tires; I’m putting on another set of Michelin Pilot Roads. Those tires lasted about 11k miles for me. Granted, the rear tire is so square that it’s becoming concave…but there’s still a decent amount of tread left and they never slid once in all the rain. 😉

Well, that’s all my bikes and I think that’s all my updates. Time to go sleep off the sake. 🙂

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