Damn you, Highway 30

So, while riding from Seattle, WA to Bend, OR on Saturday, we ended up on a long straight section of Hwy 30 in southern WA.

You know how your mind starts wandering on such roads? Well, I used that road to Make Some Decisions. And now that I’m home and mostly coming off of the road trip high, I’m starting to think that those long straight sections are really frickin’ dangerous.

The first direct result of Hwy 30 was to plop down a few hundred bucks this morning for the Femmoto track day in Las Vegas on Oct 1. Between Colleen and Yosh, I didn’t have a chance to refuse. I was dead in the water. So far, we’ll have a hotel room crammed with Colleen (DantesDame), Yosh (Stargzrgrl), Kristina (krismark), Cynthia (kitkite) and me. I feel badly for our hotel neighbors. A weekend in Vegas with ST.N girls….*purrrr*

I’ve never been to a track day. Yes, yes, I know, I suck. But I’m starting to realize that I have bad habits on the SVS and am really looking forward to an instructional day where People Who Know What They’re Talking About can tell me how to fix ’em. Of course, I’ll be on a rental bike (I’m flying to Vegas, not riding), but eh.

More Hwy 30 news to follow once plans are concreted. 😉

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