Officially the world’s most perfect snack

Not only did Alton Brown proclaim beef jerky as a perfect snack on last night’s episode of Good Eats, but his intro skit involved three motorcyclists comparing their riding snack foods (chocolate melted, sandwich got mooshy, granola was bland). Fortunately, Alton showed up — in flip-up helmet and BMW armored jacket — to dispense beef jerky to the hungry riders!

Want to make your own? I’m pretty tempted to try my hand at homemade jerky for future weekend rides.

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6 Responses to Officially the world’s most perfect snack

  1. carolyn says:

    Sweet! I knew he’d owned an SV but didn’t know what he’d replaced it with. Was he as funny in person as on the show?

  2. sam says:

    When I go overnight hiking (albeit rare these days) I tend to travel with beef jerky, powerbars, and that energy good stuff. Seems to be about as compact as you can easily get for what it gives you. I’d probably re-evaluate those choices for anything longer than two days though.

  3. Stephanie says:

    When AS was in the area for two book signings I went to them (weird story involving Dork Tower) and he told me he was planning on doing a Road Food show this summer- right now, I guess- and riding a lot of route 66. I think that was it, anyway. Mostly we discussed gear because he was coveting my Gerbings.
    The Bimmer also appears in the grits/poleta episode.

  4. Jamie C. says:

    I must say that his method of dehydrating the beef is kind of scary…

  5. yosh says:

    I *heart* Alton Brown!
    I’m addicted to his shows!
    Oh, and beef jerky is the most perfect food to have with you on long trips. You need a lot of water to wash it down though.

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