And then there were five…

The Bandit went to its new home today.

I was at Derek’s house earlier this week, ostensibly to pick up the Bandit carbs (remember, he’d brought them to his shop in Oklahoma City to clean/rebuild), but really just to gossip and trade trip stories and talk bikes.

Anyhoo, I mentioned offhand that I just wasn’t finding the time to work on the Bandit that I’d hoped to have. Derek mentioned offhand that he was looking for a new project and that a friend of his wanted to eventually ride a smaller CC bike. We both sort of stopped and looked at one another. And thus, the Bandit has a new home.

Peter and I put it on the truck today, tossed boxes of parts into the cab, and drove over to Derek’s. By the time we left, he was already describing parts he’d order, improvements he’d make, ideas he’d try. He’s promised that I can borrow the bike once it’s running and can take copious photos of his artistry. I can’t wait. 🙂

So now we have 5 bikes.

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