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Need input on motorcycle tour guides…

Have you taken a motorcycle tour? If so, keep reading… I’m looking for peoples’ opinions on their tour guides. Can you post (or email me) anything at all that you can remember? I want to know what sorts of things … Continue reading

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Stainless steel brake line write-up

Finally finished the write-up for the stainless steel brake lines. I’m liking the new lines, btw. I don’t notice much difference in the rear (then again, I never use only the rear brake), but the front does seem crisper. I … Continue reading

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Bring out your RVs!

I’ve been waffling about how to announce this, since it’s, like, all cool and stuff but yet I must try to act professional. Thus, I sound schizophrenic. 😉 My Wind Dancers friends Leslie and Paula started a tour company a … Continue reading

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Revision time!

Hooray — I finally heard back from Rider magazine regarding the Haines Highway article I sent them in October! They’ve decided not to use the piece….but this is still a good thing. It means that I can get to work … Continue reading

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Mt Madonna County Park

I still have high hopes of finishing the second half of last weekend’s ride report before the earth falls into the sun. In the meantime, I wanted to talk about one particular part of it. Santa Clara’s Mt. Madonna County … Continue reading

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