Need input on motorcycle tour guides…

Have you taken a motorcycle tour? If so, keep reading…

I’m looking for peoples’ opinions on their tour guides. Can you post (or email me) anything at all that you can remember? I want to know what sorts of things make tour guides really stand out, either positively or negatively.

[I don’t need/want names of individuals or tour companies — just characteristics of the tour guides in particular]

I realize everyone is different and that one customer may really want a guide to give lots of history while another wants the guide to shut up already. 😉 But, as customers, what did you want? Did you get it?

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3 Responses to Need input on motorcycle tour guides…

  1. James says:

    My favorite tour was the jungle boat ride at Disneyland. I especially adore the witty puns and guides’s ability to keep the mechanical crocs off the boat with a cap gun.
    Having gone on a real jungle tour in Panama for our honeymoon, our guide asked us what we wanted to do; feed monkeys, see crocadiles, visit natives, tour the canal, etc. Luckily we were able to do it all. My advice is to be prepared for a bunch of options and see what the group wants to do each day.

  2. Greg C says:

    I don’t know about feeding monkeys, but riding with slower people I can relate to. I ride with my sister and her young geriatric sleeping friend. My experience has been that if you explain the route, and a few way points, ride, they will catch up. A different story if you have to see if they fell off or not.
    P.S. I made som Led lights based on your maintenance tips. I like them. I have an older bike that take regular base bulbs, but they worked. Thank you.

  3. JB says:

    When I give tours, I stress not where to ride, but how to ride. What to pack, how to do basic road maintence, where to go for food (local places) and what types of roads to look for on the maps. I’ve found that the people who are taking the tour, look forward to some day, not needing a tour guide.-JB

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