Hi honey, we’re home

Well, actually, we’re at Outback for dinner, but it counts as being home since we changed clothes first and then drove here. 😉

I switched to my clear visor at our last gas stop and it became utterly bug splattered almost instantly. Just as I was wishing for some way to rinse off the bugs, it started raining. This was nice; I wiped off the bugs.

Then it kept raining. A lot. Crossing Pacheco Pass (Hwy 152) at dusk in the pouring rain was a bit of an adventure — I tell Peter that I’m just trying to cure him of his aversion to riding in the rain. 😀

We’re trading notes on the day’s jerk drivers now — “oh, god, the WHITE CAR!” “or how about that RED JEEP??”

Pictures are uploading….watch this space. 😉

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