My poor coworkers.

It finally occurred to my limited brain that I work for a company that produces an electronic device. I just spent 15 minutes in my coworker’s office, picking his brain about batteries. I’m sure that Joe wonders why I was harassing him about multimeters and regulators and the difference between generators and alternators….but in the end, he told me to use the DCA setting for checking battery current. So now I know how to use my multimeter. Hooray.

Man. There’s nothing like an electrical problem to make me flail around in a perpetual state of anxiety. I just want to understand. I don’t want to just go buy a new battery and then sit around with my thumb up my ass waiting to see if that one fails, too. I especially don’t want to do this with a three-week trip looming in just over three months.

I want to know what’s failing. I want to know why it’s failing. Is it just a bad battery? Is it undercharging? Is there a broken plate? Is the bike causing the problem — too many accessories? A failing regulator?

That’s too many questions. Questions make me uncomfortable. Must solve. I’m definitely a “fix now” kind of person. I don’t like being in limbo, flailing around and stabbing in the dark for solutions.

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6 Responses to My poor coworkers.

  1. Japi ZZR says:

    Have you tried swapping the battery with some good old svs’s friend of yours that could have one almost-new battery ? That could tell you if you are testing the charging system the right way..

  2. Michael says:

    I hate to keep on about this, but I’m really interested in if you let the battery ‘stabilize’ for an hour before testing the voltage. A bad battery may very well charge and hold a charge for a short time, but if you charge it up and let it sit for an hour will it keep that charge?

  3. carolyn says:

    Yup, I’m testing the voltage both right off the charger, and > 1 hour later. It’s definitely holding the charge until I try to crank the engine.
    Incidentally, I took the battery to the dealer today, who load tested it again and pronounced it to be fine. I’m giving up and bringing the whole damn bike in to the dealer tomorrow. I’m sick of wasting time and energy over this stupid problem, which I’m obviously not going to find.

  4. wookiee says:

    Engineer nature. I don’t understand people who don’t care how things they use every day work.

  5. curtis says:

    Re: Wookie post
    Hear, hear.
    ‘course you follow it every day C, I’m not telling you, it’s just to let you know we know, you know?

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