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impending new clutch cable

Apparently, if I want something to appear, all I need to do is complain that it hasn’t yet. About 15 seconds after whining that the clutch cable hadn’t shipped, I got an email from the company saying, you guessed it, … Continue reading

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Healthy paranoia or police state?

This article is circulating around the message boards and mailing lists today. Here’s a more detailed report: —– January 6, 2004 04:19 PM EST HEBRON, Ky. – A woman was taken off a Paris-to-Cincinnati flight just before it left France … Continue reading

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Lush goodness

Lush rocks. Boys, go get gift certificates for your womenfolk right now. Stephanie and I came up (in the jeep, sadly) with her friend Holly. I’ve been doing lots of physical stuff lately — bailing out the pool, working on … Continue reading

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Leather Mate

Peter and I ended up at a gun show today with a few of our friends. I ended up getting three new bandanas (great for keeping my hair back in the garage) and a little tub of Leather Mate leather … Continue reading

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Riding the 929

I never did get around to mucking around with the SVS’s clutch last night, so when I woke up to a sunny morning today, I decided to take Cat’s 929 to work. It’s the first liter-sized inline-four that I’ve ridden, … Continue reading

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