Leather Mate

Peter and I ended up at a gun show today with a few of our friends. I ended up getting three new bandanas (great for keeping my hair back in the garage) and a little tub of Leather Mate leather conditioner/waterproofer.

I put the Leather Mate on my (non-riding) leather jacket and riding boots earlier today, and it looks and feels great. It’s really easy to use — just put a small amount on a sponge (included) and wipe over clean leather. It’s a bit tacky at first, but dries within a couple of minutes. It brings out a nice shine, hides scuffs, softens the leather, waterproofs…practically does the dishes and laundry, too. I got the “neutral” color, which is more or less clear, so it works on any color leather. The only downside is a strong smell which lingers in the room for about an hour and a little longer on the garment.

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