impending new clutch cable

Apparently, if I want something to appear, all I need to do is complain that it hasn’t yet. About 15 seconds after whining that the clutch cable hadn’t shipped, I got an email from the company saying, you guessed it, that it’d gone out in today’s mail.

So it looks like Peter might luck out, and won’t be dragged off on a long ride this weekend. He’ll probably just be dragged into the garage to work on the new outlets while I swap out the clutch cable. Being the Bestest Sweetie in the Whole World (or at least in northern California), he’s installing eight new outlets in the garage, and running a dedicated feeder something mumble jargon lingo to the circuit breaker. The point of the latter, I’m told, is to stop the garage’s annoying tendency of blowing a fuse whenever I do something unreasonable like turn on a light.

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