Death by inattentive pickup

I forgot to mention yesterday that I nearly became road pizza on my morning commute.

I’m toodling along at about 70mph in the carpool lane on northbound 280. Suddenly, a guy in a pickup to my right decides that, by god, he’s going to change lanes. No blinker, no warning signs (slowing down or speeding up, head movement, etc). Just dived on over.

I was on the horn and braking hard before my brain even caught up to what was happening. Between braking and swerving onto the shoulder, I managed to avoid eating his bumper by about two feet. Fortunately, the guy driving the huge truck behind me was also paying attention, and I didn’t end up as a hood ornament on the truck, either.

Needless to say, I gave the pickup driver the good ol’ one-finger salute. We continued on. A few seconds later, he looked in his rear-view mirror and did that “oh, silly me! my bad!” wave. Another middle-finger salute from me.

About this time, the huge truck behind me pulled into the lane to our right and gunned it past me. He pulled up right next to the pickup and rolled down his window. A huge, hairy, burly arm unfurled from the driver’s side window until he was practically touching the pickup’s passenger side door, and POP! Up came the middle finger. I burst out laughing.

When it was time for me to exit the highway, I moved to the right and paced the pickup for a second. The driver looked over at me — middle-aged guy, glasses, skinny little head with shaved reddish hair — and gave me a competely vacant expression. He did a little hand-wave and shrugged. So, naturally, I flipped him off again.

I hate almost getting killed by inattentive self-important drivers.

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7 Responses to Death by inattentive pickup

  1. Linda says:

    Yay for support on the highway! Boo to clueless drivers.
    Thank the godi that you’re okay…

  2. Japi ZZR says:

    I hate cagers.. i simply hate them! Who the hell do they think they are??
    Today, i stopped at the toll, i search a few coins to pay, got my receipt and while taking it the guy behind me with a jeep “forgot” that I was still there, pushing me forward. 🙁
    Sometimes I’d like to break their windshield or something.. but it’s useless, he will not learn respect, he will continue with his selfish thinking. 🙁

  3. carolyn says:

    Yikes! He actually bumped you? I hope nothing was damaged on your bike, but if so, hopefully there were video cameras at the toll. What a jerk.
    People are really amazingly frightening sometimes. *shudder*

  4. Japi ZZR says:

    He just pushed me a little forward.. nothing broke, luckily.

  5. wookiee says:

    It’s always the pickup trucks. I’ve had two pull out in front of me on my bike, one there was even a car in front of me. I don’t think it’s that they don’t see traffic coming, I think it’s the “I’m a big slow vehicle so I don’t give a shit” philosophy.

  6. Jo says:

    Some pickup- and other truckdrivers are scary types. I watched one drive over a turtle once, intentionally. A turtle that I was walking back to save! What an a$$.

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