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Kira’s first motorcycle

Sweet baby jesus with a chainsaw, this has been slow and basically unreadable lately.    We’re trying to work it out with our web hosting provider (since it’s not just this blog but all of the eleventy million sites that … Continue reading

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A short Sunday (!) ride

What? A ride, but it’s not Tuesday?  Well, it’s not a huge ride, so don’t get too excited. 🙂  My STN buddy Andrew agreed to do some wrenching on the Ninjette, so I rode over to his house on the … Continue reading

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Mom motorcycling, part 2

Oops, I didn’t realize my part 1 of Mom Motorcycling thoughts was 2 months ago already.  Time flies! As I mentioned last time, there are two categories of “riding while being a mom” that take more prep work than you’d … Continue reading

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Bike show!

This weekend was the annual motorcycle show, so we dragged Kira along. I was surprised by how many babies I saw at the show (I’d never really paid attention before) and I was glad to see that we did not … Continue reading

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Mom motorcycling, part 1

OK, I’ve been promising to write about my thoughts on “mom motorcycling” for a while; let’s see how far I can get during morning naptime. 😉  Disclaimer:  Lots of blather ahead and no photos of interesting scenery.  Proceed at your … Continue reading

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