A short Sunday (!) ride

What? A ride, but it’s not Tuesday?  Well, it’s not a huge ride, so don’t get too excited. 🙂  My STN buddy Andrew agreed to do some wrenching on the Ninjette, so I rode over to his house on the coast today with Peter and Kira in tow in the car.

Why have Andrew do the wrenching?  As I learned the last time I worked on the bike, it’s just not the best use of my time these days.  I only have one “day off” per week, and it’s not usually enough to get all the work done, which means it drags on forever and I get frustrated and grumpy and say things like, “christ, this is so not the best use of my time”.   So….off to Andrew’s it goes.

The ride over was horrible.  The scenery is terrible.  No one should ever ride here.


When I arrived at Andrew’s, he was in his front yard with his son Frank and the sidecar.

I want a sidecar.  There is absolutely no earthly reason why I should have one.  They are huge and cumbersome and a pain to ride and they don’t lean and I have too many vehicles that I don’t ride enough as it is and I WANT ONE.  They are just so cool looking.  Plus, orange!  They come in orange!

Bah, this is not a battle that I’m going to win anytime soon.  But if the magic Garage Fairy showed up and cleaned out space and a sidecar were to magically appear…I wouldn’t complain, is all I’m saying.

After leaving Andrew’s, we drove down to Half Moon Bay, where Kira had her first meal at Cameron’s.  Yum yum coastside pub food!

So, no rides for a little while until the Ninjette is back.  Luckily I timed it well and it looks like it might rain for the next couple of Tuesdays anyway, so I don’t think you’re going to have missed anything.


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