I didn’t go for a ride yesterday as the weather was craptastic.  Instead, I’ll regale you with fascinating photos of my new-to-me windscreen.

I had the incredible foresight to buy a used motorcycle from someone who fabricates and sells windscreens.  Mike doesn’t do a lot of work anymore for various reasons (though his website still says you can email him for a Ninjette or Versys screen), but fortunately he still had some Ninjette screens in his workshop that he was willing to send me.

I knew I wanted something a little bigger for the interstate but I didn’t want a humongous touring screen yet.  Mike did actually send me a humongous screen as well, but I haven’t installed it.

Instead, I installed the “goldilocks” screen:  not too big, not too small!  Here it is with the screen that Mike included with the bike (the new one is the bigger one):

Old and new profiles:


And old vs new from the front:


It doesn’t look like a huge difference, but it’s enough to make interstate riding a lot more comfortable.  When I rode the 70ish miles home on the freeway a couple of weeks ago, I barely noticed the wind at all.  If I wind up ever doing cross country on this bike, I might try swapping on the humongous windscreen, but I think this one will do nicely for up to a couple of hundred miles a day.

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