A grumpy new mom watches the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Round 2


These awkward Pierre moments are killing me.

Doc isn’t irritating me as much as he was in Round 1.  Maybe it was just pregnancy hormones or — and clearly this is more likely — he read my blog and decided to dial back on the passive voice.

St Louis Blues vs LA Kings

I feel so dirty cheering for the Kings.

I felt sort of bad for Jake Allen and his 17 seconds of NHL game time in Game 2.  Sneaky move by Hitchcock to get around the icing/timeout restriction by swapping the goalie, though.

There’s really nothing else to say about this series other than, damn, St Louis.  I’ve seen a lot of Sharks fans wonder how St Louis could cream the Sharks and then be swept by the Kings.  That’s easy.  The Sharks played like ass.

Phoenix Coyotes vs Nashville Predators

Wow, Phoenix? Really?  I did not see that coming.

Ultimately I was cheering for the Preds in this series because I really like Barry Trotz.  Not only does he resemble an adorable bridge troll, but his bench interviews are informative and witty.

It’s so much easier to watch the Coyotes Minus Raffi Torres.

I really wish Mike Smith had scored on that last end-to-end play he had.   I’m sure he does, too.  So close!

NY Rangers vs Washington Capitals

This round’s overrated series as far as I’m concerned.  I’m meh on both of these teams.

I don’t care about Ovie’s ice time or how “this is Dale Hunter’s team” or whatever else NBC babbles on about.

If this series goes to 7 games and postpones Round 3 for even longer, I’m going to….well, I’ll shake my fist at the sky in irritation.  I so don’t care about Rangers/Caps and want to get on with Kings/Coyotes.

Added on 5/10: Well, dang, new evidence has arrived and now I have to cheer for the Capitals.  In addition to his amazing rookie season, goaltender Braden Holtby just became a first-time dad today.  OK, Caps, I will back your team out of new parent commiseration.  Also, I will no longer complain about having too much on my plate while dealing with a newborn.

Philadelphia Flyers vs New Jersey Devils

I loved the speed in this series.  Maybe I just spend too long watching the Sharks, but it’s actually fairly exciting to see skaters, y’know, skating.

This series really shows the difference between Bryzgalov’s goaltending style and Brodeur’s.  Brodeur can make some stellar mess-ups (I’ll cut the guy some slack, though, he’s like 500 years old and one of the league’s best goalies evarrrr) but when he’s on, he’s a sight to behold.

There’s really nothing more to say about the deflection off of Clarkson into the Flyer’s net. I don’t think you can blame the game/series loss on that play, like the NBC guys were doing last night.  If a cock-up happens in the first period and your forwards can’t get their act together to score again over the next two periods, that’s not Bryz’s fault.


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