September progress report

What’s going on?

Boy howdy, I’m behind in my blog.   I’m going to whip this one out before heading to the NCWHL board meeting just so that I’m only three entries behind instead of four.  Yeesh.

New Back Doc

I’m still doing spinal decompression therapy once per week.  No issues at all!

Last month I noted that I had a minor amount of pain at the end of the session when I move to get off the table.   This has been much reduced the past couple of times, so, yay!


I did acupuncture once more over the past month.  I still think it helps; it’s really just my insane schedule that’s preventing me from going more.

Activity Log

Here’s a rough list of the active stuff I’ve done since the August progress report.

  • Rode about 230 miles for fun, plus I commuted on the bike maybe a half-dozen times, which would be an additional ~ 275 miles.  Dude.  That kinda rules.
  • Worked on the Ninjette! Not much, just adding a low volume insert to the exhaust, but it’s the first mechanic stuff I’ve done in a long time
  • Hiked ~10 miles the Angel Island weekend (half of that with a 20 lb backpack)
  • Couch to 5K on average three times/week
  • Continued doing house stuff like painting

Reactions to Activity

For the most part, my back is reacting well to activity.  I haven’t had any trouble at all with motorcycle rides, even commuting.  I still have a bit of soreness after a ride longer than 60 or so miles, but it’s not even the 1-3 days of muscle pain that I talked about last month.

I still have thigh/calf tingles and coldness sometimes; I’m starting to think that’ll be a long term thing.  That’s OK, though, it doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t prevent me from doing anything.

What’s Next?

Here’s what’s on tap between now and mid-October:

  • More motocamping
  • I still need to hit the 100-mile ride goal
  • Hanging out at ice rinks in Las Vegas while Peter’s tournament team plays — last time I spent a lot of time in the actual rink, my back would hurt from the cold. We’ll see if that still happens!
  • Lots and lots of work; relevant because sitting and meetings and sitting and meetings has historically been quite painful.  It’s been OK recently, so hopefully that trend will continue.
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4 Responses to September progress report

  1. Mike says:

    The coldness may persist, but the tingling may be greatly reduced or go away completely at some random point. Nerves are funny that way. They definitely seem to heal and/or calm down on their own individual schedule.

  2. Matt crawford says:

    Carolyn, you are so naturally brilliant that I hesitate saying anyting knowing I will end up extricating my toes from my tonsils … but, what about Pilates? It seems at this point mild exercise specifically directed at the area of the injury to both relax its tension and strengthen it would seem appropriate. You are clearly healing. The important thing now is to prevent recurrent injury from stressed parts not completely healed that might be damaged by excessive “normal” activities where you cannot feel immediate pain. What do you think? ….. And now, a note from my sponsor – After all
    Carolyn, we want you to be in top shape to produce those 5 rugrats that the genetic inheritance of you and Peter is crying out from the bowels of nature to bring into this sordid world. Civilization depends on the quality of people. Who better than you – a natural Eve- and Peter-such a gentleman- to populate it?I so look forward to greasestains on your baby’s nose propped on your hip as you explain the latest maintenance the rest of us are too scared to even contemplate. Just a thought from a vicarious Grandfather wannabee …

  3. Nyna says:

    Ha-ha, my mind skewed towards babies, too, when I read your excellent progress report.


    Dude, that definitely RULES! Continued {{{healing vibes}}} coming your way.

  4. Keith R says:

    Things do seem to be definitely looking up. It is wonderful that you have been doing so much riding.

    Good luck with the work thing. Meetings & sitting is enough to give the totally healthy and a pain in the . . . .

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