January progress report

Hola peeps; I hope January is finding everyone happy and healthy.

What’s Going On?

I’m currently having a little bit of a setback but hopefully nothing too terrible.  As I mentioned in the blog earlier this month, I’ve been having some more pain and nervous system symptoms.  My personal trainer thinks I probably overdid it traveling; Peter has also been hurt for the past month, so I think I took on a little too much of the “carrying” types of chores while he was healing up.

I started taking a Medrol pack yesterday and, while it’s not helping as immediately as I’d remembered from previous stints on the drug, I think it’s starting to help a little.  The pain is like a dull toothache in my spine and the tingles in my leg are fairly minor (when I started the Medrol, it felt like my left leg was waking up from being asleep — you know, those pinprick tingles that just kinda drive you nuts?).

The nerve stuff has been going on for about two weeks now, which is a fairly long flare-up. Hopefully the Medrol will kick it soon and, with rest and light massage/stretching/etc, I’ll be back to my relative level of normal within a couple of weeks.


  • I haven’t been doing my planks since the back flared up, but until then, I was still doing 30 seconds on my forearms and each side.
  • Still weekly training with Melinda.  Last session and today’s session have been more “rehab” type of workouts: gentle movements and stretching, no weights. But I’m still moving around!
  • Before the flare-up I was getting to the gym at least one extra time per week to do some cardio.  That’s on hold for right now but maybe next week I’ll be able to add some walking back in.


  • No skating again this month.


  • I’m still at ~40 miles per ride as there wasn’t much riding going on between mid-December and mid-January.  Between the holiday travel and the rain, the poor Ninja has only gone out once!
  • I was hoping to go out tomorrow as it’s supposed to be sunny and in the 60s, but I don’t think my back would approve.  Bah!  Stupid winter and its small windows of riding opportunities. 😉
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