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Fun with big long needles

After a year, five months, and 11 days, my spine doc finally talked me into an epidural steroid injection. Well, two of them, actually. I’d had one before, in my neck, in October 2006.  That one didn’t go so well. … Continue reading

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January progress report

Hola peeps; I hope January is finding everyone happy and healthy. What’s Going On? I’m currently having a little bit of a setback but hopefully nothing too terrible.  As I mentioned in the blog earlier this month, I’ve been having … Continue reading

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Super awesome ride to Half Moon Bay

Today was totally the best ride of 2011.  It is only a minor technicality that it was my only ride of 2011 thus far.  Because, seriously: awesome. I dilly-dallied a little bit in the morning as the weather report promised … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Ah, 2011.  We live in the future.  Where’s my jetpack? Not much has been going on in my motorcycling world: winter means busyness, travel, cold, and rain…none of which is very conducive to riding. I did have a great Christmas, … Continue reading

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