Woot, short found and mostly fixed!

Whew, that was easy.  We knew it had to have something to do with installing the bar risers, since everything was working before that point.  Peter helped me remove the gas tank (can I just whine about how frustrating it is not to be able to do that myself? RARRR.) and we got to tracing wires.

Long story short, we found the problem…on the lefthand handlebar, which was a surprise to me (I’d been looking on the right, where the brake switches are).  Turns out that the longer bolt needed to secure the bar risers/handlebar on popped right through the main wiring harness that comes from the ignition and is routed under the lefthand clipon.

Fortunately, when we pulled the sheath off, the wire itself wasn’t cut — just the insulation was torn, exposing the wire.

That blue wire there goes right from the ignition switch to a connector which connects it (go figure) with the wiring off of the brake switch.  It goes right to the wire we’d marked at the fuse box. Go us!

So, the blue wire is nice and covered with heatshrink tubing now.  All better!  Since we had to cut the sheath off, I need to run to the store tomorrow and buy a large enough diameter heatshrink tube to fit over the whole wiring bundle there.  But once I have that on, we can button the bike back up and it should be as good as new!

Naked Ninja!!

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