Mini ride report!

Yes, dear readers, let’s start this new blog off properly: with a ride report!

The Ninja is back in action after a couple of weeks of Andrew’s loving care.  It’s been compression tested, cleaned out, re-jetted, cleaned out some more, and is running like a champ.  Knock on wood.

My back was doing pretty well yesterday, so I decided to go for a ride.

My first stop: Wells Fargo.  NCWHL members may be interested to know (probably not, though) that this is where all of your registration money, jersey/sock checks, league wide scrimmage cash, and everything else funnels through.  Thank you, Wells Fargo branch on Laurel Street, for providing an ATM so that I may best serve the Northern California Women’s Hockey League.

After spending what seemed like forever depositing funds into the account so that 200+ Bay Area women could continue playing hockey next season, I decided to ride over to Cañada Road.

On my way there, I stopped to adjust my mirror, so I took a picture (hey, I didn’t say this was going to be an interesting ride report…).  Note the fresh pavement! Thank you, city of San Carlos!

I finally arrived at Cañada Road only to remember that it was Sunday and, therefore, the road was closed.  The city does a cool thing called Bicycle Sunday where the road is closed to all non-bicycle traffic from Filoli Gardens to Highway 92….which is neat, but unfortunately also exactly where I wanted to ride. Pooters!

So I went the other way on Cañada and wound up riding around some of the residential areas on the other side of Highway 280. I didn’t take any photos because my back was starting to get sore and I didn’t want to get on and off the bike.

I did stop on my way home to photograph the great watershed area over by Edgewood County Park.  I see this view every day on my way to work…makes it hard to hop on the interstate instead of heading off into the hills. 🙂

And that was pretty much my ride.  A whopping 24 miles, but this is the third 20ish mile ride in a row that I’ve done.  Yay!  I’m hoping to ride even more next weekend.  Once I can ride 30 miles at a time, I can go to lunch at Alice’s — 15 miles each direction.  That’s my goal for the fall season. 🙂

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