What’s this? A motorcycle ride??

Your eyes do not deceive you! I went on — drum roll — a motorcycle ride today!!

OK, don't get that excited; it was about 7 miles long.  But it was the first time I'd been on a bike since June, so I was still grinning in my helmet the whole time.


All ready and rarin' to go!

It was a gorgeous day, if a little warm. 


The heat made the views of San Francisco a little hazy.


I stumbled upon Vista Park and decided to stop and look around.


It turned out to be a neat little city park, a pilot site for a native plant/pesticide free park.  They have a little landscaping area set up with examples of native plants and a little info about each one.



Behind the landscaping area is a trailhead.  Looks inviting, huh!


I took the opportunity to sit in the shade for a few moments partway along the trail.  I didn't see any of the aforementioned wildlife; only the native beer bottles and discarded trash that people seem to feel appropriate to dump in parks.  Grrr.


I'm pretty sure "hiking in motorcycle gear on a 95F day" isn't one of my PT-approved activities, so I turned around and walked back to the bike.

The round trip was only about 7 miles, but it was riding!  It felt great to ride the XT — though I'm not entirely sure the new clutch lever I put on was disengaging the clutch completely — and I'm looking forward to more tiny trips.  :)

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