A hot pair of twins at work

A nice pair of F800GSs parked outside of work today.  Gorgeous!

The one on the right is a 2009 owned by my buddy Guido.   The lefthand one is a 2010 in a really nice coppery orange color.  It looks red in the cell phone photo, so here's an official-like BMW pic:

2010-bmw-f-800-gs-motorcycle 2

I approve!  I'm biased because I just love orange, but this is really a fantastic color.  BMW made the F650GS in the same orange for '10 as well:


I still like my red one…good thing, huh, since I own it and its paid for and stuff.

But that orange F800GS is really wonderful.  I'm happy that I'll get to look at it outside of work from now on. 🙂

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7 Responses to A hot pair of twins at work

  1. Red says:

    That looks an awful lot like the KTM orange.

  2. Roger Willcut says:

    I can see a colour conflict on my horizon. I am trying to find a dealer within 200 miles who has a 650 all set up low to see how I fit. In the meantime could you recommend: which of the Turbo City rack would you recommend for my XT. I want to try a little camping with the XT (just bought a Sirius with footprint off ebay (pd too much as usual). Reviewing you various packing list to put it together in the garage before I hit the road. I do not plan to try the run to Chicken Corner again (or anything of that caliber/mixture of sand/rock). So packing will be like most of the photos I see of your bikes. But I couldn’t find a picture of the XT with the tent and all the rest… did I miss it

  3. carolyn says:

    Roger – I tried to respond to your email but I got an error message. So here’s what I wrote:

  4. Roger Willcut says:

    Obsession grows more intense. Waiting to hear from BMW Orlando/Daytona on test ride, or at least set on, F650GS(T). I will be down there for a few days on Veterans Day. Hope I like the Orange colour as much as you seem to – cause red isn’t an option for ’10 and ain’t no ’09 reds in BMW inventory, much less red lows. As I recall,the BMW cases were not included in the final three in your luggage search. When I throw my leg over an F650GS it will be the first BMW I have ever even set on, much less rode or owned. Just looked at your Alaska trip photos again – what was the red bike you rode? I can’t seem to find anything on it herein. The luggage you used then looked top drawer for 2004. Did your experience with that luggage weigh heavily in the choices you made on the F650GS(T). Or was your choice predicated on the need for a more rugged alternative?

  5. carolyn says:

    Roger – the bike I took to Alaska was a 2001 Suzuki SV650S. The side cases that I used on the SVS became the top cases that Peter and I now use on my Beemer and on his Superhawk. They’re Givi E360 Delux bags and they’re awesome.

  6. Roger Willcut says:

    Carolyn -I should have realized it was the SV; but don’t you also have a aluminium, rectangular, side cases that you use on your F650GS(T)? What was the seat height on your SV650S as you were riding it in Alaska? That was before the magic boots, right? TOPIC Change: I did Moab(in the dirt) on the XT225 in Sep; that is off my bucket list; it was NOT fun. Your Alaska trip is going onto my bucket list. Need a riding friend or 2 and be sure my wife can fly up and meet me at the top and ride back on the ferry with me. Please tell me that I can visit with you more on that topic. Roger

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