A hot pair of twins at work

A nice pair of F800GSs parked outside of work today.  Gorgeous!

The one on the right is a 2009 owned by my buddy Guido.   The lefthand one is a 2010 in a really nice coppery orange color.  It looks red in the cell phone photo, so here's an official-like BMW pic:

2010-bmw-f-800-gs-motorcycle 2

I approve!  I'm biased because I just love orange, but this is really a fantastic color.  BMW made the F650GS in the same orange for '10 as well:


I still like my red one…good thing, huh, since I own it and its paid for and stuff.

But that orange F800GS is really wonderful.  I'm happy that I'll get to look at it outside of work from now on. 🙂

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