Summer 2009 team: Drunken Pirates!

Our Summer 2009 team is chosen and named! I think this is going to be a really fun team (I say that every season, don't I? It's always true, too).

Tonight was our second game of the season but the first game that most people were there for.  It was also my first game since March 8!  Yeesh.  But I've been cleared by all of my doctors to get back on the ice and it felt really good.  I'm a bit sore now but had no heart or lung problems on the ice.

I think my favorite thing about tonight's game was that EIGHT different people had points!  Jeannie, Alice, Nancy, Jennifer, Teresa, Bridget, Lindsay, and I all got points.  Holy crap.  The final score was 6-3 and obviously a lot of those goals had assists.  It was truly a team game.

I had a great time on a line with Jenny and Teresa.  :)  I'm putting myself at wing this season (though I may play D some, too, depending on the game) and am looking forward to it.
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